Tips To Clean Sneakers

Tips To Clean Sneakers

Best Way To Clean White Shoes Vous lisez Tips To Clean Sneakers 2 minutes

To clean sneakers use mild soapy water and a soft bristle scrub brush.

Use this brush over a large sink. Use a mild detergent like Joy and pour a little on the brush. If you don’t have Joy any dishsoap you have available will do.

Put your non dominant hand in the shoe and turn it over. Let the water trickle. Scrub the bottom of the shoe and rinse. Careful to not let the water get into the shoe and repeat on each side. Use a towel and allow to air dry.

Avoid the laces if they aren’t dirty. If they are remove the laces and ball them up in your hand. Use the detergent and lather/scrub the laces together. You will see the dirt come out. Press on the laces firmly from with your thumb and forefinger and with your other hand pull the laces through one at a time. This should remove more dirt and soapy water.

Allow to air dry.If the shoes are white there’s and awesome product called shoe whitener.Once the shoes are dry you can use the shoe whitener like a paint/ old school white out.Use a little bit at first to get familiar with the colour and technique. Avoid any colored spots on the shoe.