To become the go-to shoes that will suit your lifestyle.

Need shoes that can last you a long day at work?
Need shoes that are perfect for your social media posts?
Need shoes that are comfy for jogging while you’re on journey to staying in shape?

Snugsoul is the way to go.


For everyone to own a SNUG PAIR and build their own SNUG collection.


Great service
Providing you with great service because you may be our customer but in our eyes you’re a part of our Snug family.

Stand out and feel more confident with unique and comfortable footwear that are made with quality workmanship.

Working hard to provide you hardworking, reliable, comfortable, lightweight shoes (but still attractive) footwear.

Never letting success get into our head and keeping each other grounded so we can have better relationship with you.

Keeping ourselves accountable for all our actions. We’d like to admit if we’ve made any errors because we want to constantly improve our products and services so we can serve you better.

Doing our part for the environment by participating in Stripe, a company that helps fight climate change so when you wear a Snug Pair, you’ll feel like you’re doing your part too.

Brand story

It all started in 2015 when the founder started researching and brainstorming ideas for his next business ventures.

Then, in 2017, he started doing marketing campaigns but didn’t get a return on his investment. But he didn’t stop. He went on, to continue studying so he can finally “live” his dreams of becoming financially free.

Then in 2020, he kept on going until he accidentally met some successful e-commerce sellers and mentors during seminars and learned their strategies until…

Back in December 2021, he saw the potential of Snugsoul and currently turning his visions into a reality which is so exciting so you better watch out for new and better designs for 2022.

It just proves that determination will always pay off.

Now, he has a co-founder to help him as his business grows. 

We are happy to serve our customers and we feel fulfilled every time our customers feels satisfied with our SNUG collection. 

So build your SNUG collection now and be the center of attention.